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Marine electrical installations

We do marine electrical installations for new constructions, renovation projects and upgrades.


Our company does electrical installations for the marine industry. Our marine electrical installation projects are related to all kinds of sea vessels, from luxury cruise ships to passenger ferries, and from cargo ships to offshore platforms.

We do marine electrical installations for new constructions, renovation projects and upgrades.

Some of our operation areas:

  • Transformers, switch boards and controls
  • Cables, wiring and optical fibers
  • Communication and alarm systems
  • Sound and lighting systems
  • House dimming systems
  • LED lighting systems
  • Data networks
  • Fire alarm systems, CCV
  • Public address
  • Fire door system


Finland has a long tradition of shipbuilding. Borni Oy follows this famous path.

Borni Oy was founded in 2015 by an entrepreneur who has been doing marine electrical work since 2007. Currently, Borni Oy employs more than 45 skilled marine electricians. The main office is still in Turku, but we also operate at the shipyards in Helsinki and Rauma.

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You’ll get a responsible partner for your electrical installations, in which your needs will be met with the quality and high-level work of more than 45 top professionals. These are features that our customers have always appreciated.

We are very proud of this honour and will continue with the same attitude going forward, getting the job well done in one go!

By getting the job done at once, we’ll help your project stay on schedule, with careful and high-quality work. Carefulness leads to the safety and comfort of your customers on your ships, as well as to the functionality of electrical devices and elements.

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Our customers are companies operating in the marine industry, companies and shipyards that build or renovate marine vessels, their components and elements.

We currently serve our customers in Finland at the Turku, Helsinki and Rauma shipyards. Our main office is in Turku.

Welcome to our group of satisfied customers!


We have been able to be part of many wonderful projects. Let’s do a great project together!

  • Independence of Seas, Cruise ship 2008 STX Europe
  • Oasis of the Seas, Cruise ship, 2009 STX Europe
  • Allure of the Seas, Cruise ship, 2010 STX Europe
  • M/S Viking Grace, Cruise ferry, 2013 STX Finland
  • Mein Schiff 3, Cruise ship, 2014 STX Finland
  • Tallink Mega Star, Cruise ferry, 2017 Meyer Turku
  • Baltika, Ice Breaker, 2014 Arctech
  • Mein Schiff 4, Cruise ship, 2015 Meyer Turku
  • Murmansk, Ice Breaker, 2016 Arctech
  • Polaris, Ice Breaker, 2016 Arctech
  • Mein Schiff 5, Cruise Ship, 2016 Meyer Turku
  • Mein Schiff 6, Cruise Ship, 2017 Meyer Turku
  • Mein Schiff 1, Cruise Ship, 2018 Meyer Turku
  • Mein Schiff 2, Cruise Ship, 2019 Meyer Turku
  • Costa Smeralda, Cruise Ship, 2019 Meyer Turku
  • Mardi Gras, Cruise ship, 2020 Meyer Turku
  • Wasa Line, Cruise ferry, 2021 RMC Rauma
  • Costa Toscana, Cruise ship, 2021 Meyer Turku
  • SH Minerva, Cruise Ship, 2021 Helsinki Shipyard
  • Celebration, Cruise ship, 2022 Meyer Turku
  • ICON 1, Cruise ship, 2023 Meyer Turku


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